Babies and Toddlers

The Baby & Toddler room at Cliff House has been created with a great deal of careful thought & consideration — the health & safety of the children trusted to our care being the most important criteria. The result is a safe, welcoming, fantastically equipped and cheerful environment where your child will feel cherished. He or she will be cared for by qualified nursery nurses who possess the special skills and temperament required when working with very young children & babies.

Our under 2’s have an area of the playground exclusively for them! Covered in safety playground surfacing, this totally secure play area allows our youngest Children to crawl, toddle and wobble in safety and, as they find their feet, explore the sandpit or whiz around on the sit & ride toys. 

What You Can Expect From Us

Nappies & Wipes: Whilst at nursery, Cliff House provides children under 24 months of age with best quality nappies and wipes at NO EXTRA COST to you.

Meals & Formula: All our meals and snacks are prepared in our own nursery kitchen. Our under 2’s enjoy wholesome meals which are packed with fresh fruit and vegetables and are age appropriate. Different ages, stages and weaning levels are catered for, along with individual dietary needs.

Your Child’s Routine: At Cliff House we recognise the importance of maintaining the routine you have established with your child at home. As such, each parent is fully consulted about their own child’s individual sleeping patterns, likes & dislikes, habits & routines, etc. Each day you will be informed about your child’s day: how much they’ve slept, at what time, what they’ve eaten, any new developments, etc.

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