Meals and Nutrition

Going the extra mile

Healthy nutritious food is vital to the development of young minds and bodies. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide not only healthy and nutritious home cooked meals and snacks for the children in our care but we also grow our own fruit and vegetables so that the children can really begin to appreciate and understand healthy eating from planting the seed, to harvesting the vegetables, and, best of all, cooking and eating what you’ve grown!

Our Meals

Breakfast: Children can choose from porridge, cereal or toast – or a combination of all three! Together with a drink of milk

Lunch: Always a two course cooked meal. Sample Menu 1 | Sample Menu 2

Afternoon Snack: Sandwiches, Fruit, yoghurt and a treat (e.g. cookie or something from today’s baking)

Weaning: Individualised meals are provided for babies that are being weaned. Staff will work with you to introduce new foods and provide age and stage appropriate home cooked fresh meals for your baby.

Special Diets: Whether your child has food allergies or you have special requirements for religious or ethical reasons, because all our food is made in our own kitchen, we can meet any individual needs.

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